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Home Delivery

Our Process

Step 1.
Choose your box.

Shop at anytime before midnight on a Tuesday, all orders must include a veg box and process at the same time each week in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Delivery is always free!
Step 2.
Pick, Pack & Load.

George, Jackson and the team get to work picking for the week's boxes, they are packed on a Wednesday and Thursday and delivered to you inside 24-48hrs. 

Step 3.
All aboard the veg express. 

Deliveries are made on a Thursday and Friday, if you won't be home - let us know where to leave your box via your basket page.

Step 4.
Re-use, don't recycle!

We can use your veg box more than ten times if we take care of it, please fold flat and leave out for us on the morning of your next delivery. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: you have recently changed from ten mile menu to Sandy Lane Farm - do I need to do anything?
A: No! You do not need to update your account or re-input your details. The name on the website and box has altered but nothing else.
Q: Do I have to be in to receive my veg box delivery?
A: No you don’t. We send you a text message on the day of delivery with the estimated arrival time of your box but if you are not in, we will leave it in the safe place specified by you on your account details.
Q: Do you only deliver veg?
A: No, we deliver boxes of veg and lots of extras besides - bread, eggs, coffee, tea and sometimes additional ‘specials’ (jams, pickles, flowers) from other local producers. Seasons permitting.
Q: Do I have to order a veg box to have a delivery?
A: Yes, we will only deliver if you have a veg box in your basket on checkout. We cannot deliver extras or additional items on their own.
Q: how can I find out what is in the veg box each week?
A: the box contents change weekly to reflect the seasons and the growing calendar. The list of contents is updated on the website each Monday morning. If you sign up for our emails we will send you a reminder along with other useful information about the week’s deliveries and life on the farm.
Q: Can I alter the contents of my veg box?
A: Due to the number of orders we receive each week we cannot make individual box swaps. We offer a wide range of boxes that we hope will suit the vast majority of our customers - this includes boxes of various sizes, with ‘roots’ and those with a larger proportion of leafier greens (the less roots box!). We also offer a selection of additional products each week so you can add potatoes to your ‘less roots’ box if you wish!



Q: Do I need to set up a repeat subscription to order a veg box?
A: No, you do not. You can set up a repeat order if you wish but equally, please feel free to shop as little or often as you like with no obligation.
Q: Do I have to use Direct Debit to pay for my delivery?
A: Yes, but the payment mechanism we use isn't how you might pay for your energy bills - you only ever pay when you shop regardless of how often that is. Using direct debit allows us to securely store payment details and makes your shopping experience quick and simple.
Q: How do I change the bank account I use to pay?
A: You do not need to update your payment details when you receive a new debit card, however if you would like to change the bank account you pay from then send us an email via and we'll reset your mandate so you can login in and quickly update following the prompts.



Q: What do I do with my veg box when it’s empty?
A: Please fold it, keep it and leave it out for us to collect next time we deliver. The same goes for any packaging you cannot dispose of or empty refill bottles, we collect those too.
Q: is your packaging plastic free?
A: Yes it is. We have put in a lot of time and research into finding home compostable bags for our delicate leaves and our paper bags can either be returned (if in good condition) or recycled. We try to avoid bagging veg wherever possible.
Q: Where do your vegetables come from?
A: The vast majority of our veg comes direct from us here at Sandy Lane Farm in South Oxfordshire. There are certain times of the year here in the UK when it’s simply too cold to grow all the veg we would like. During that period we fill the gaps by buying in from other organic suppliers further afield. We will always list the origin of the veg on the website for complete transparency.
Q: Is all your veg organic?
A: Yes it is. And the fruit. The majority of the vegetables are grown right here at Sandy Lane Farm by George and his team.



Q: Can I collect an online order at the farm shop?
A: Yes. On checkout, select the click and collect option, and we'll have it waiting for you in the shop. You can then buy additional items in store.
Q: Do I have to order veg box from Sandy Lane Farm or can I shop in person?
A: You absolutely can shop in person at our wonderful farm shop here at Sandy Lane. We are open Thursday (11-5:30pm) , Friday (10-5:30pm) and Saturday (10-2pm). We stock veg direct from the fields at the farm, meat from our free range sheep and pigs and a selection of produce from other local independents.
Q: Is your farm shop a safe environment?
A: Our shop is housed in an old barn on the farm and is very light and airy. We keep the doors open (to encourage air flow) and there is lots of space for you to move around in comfort. Hand sanitiser is readily available and staff where a mask when serving at the till.
Q: Where is your farm shop situated?
A: Our farm shop is located in the old farmyard and is easily accessed from junction 7 of the M40, from Wheatley or the Thame direction. There are two entrances to Sandy Lane Farm depending on the direction you are coming from. Our address is: Sandy Lane Farm, Tiddington, Thame, OX9 2LA