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Life on the Farm

Welcome to the new Sandy Lane Farm website


As you may have seen from the recent emails and social media posts, Sandy Lane Farm has now taken over the day-to-day running of the ten mile menu veg box delivery scheme.

This, for me and Steve, is not a parting of ways - far from it. It is us organising ourselves in a different way so that we can be more sustainable as a local business.

It's likely that you are seeing quite a few changes on the website but we are here to help with any queries or questions may have. We are extremely grateful for your past, present and future support for what we do here on the farm, George.

I thought now was a good time to reflect on the last the 9 years of working together…

Planting a Seed

I came back to the work on the family farm in 2012, after a career in IT software management. After a couple of years of growing experience, seeing what we could do, how we can get our veg to market and what we’re good at, I wanted to set up a veg box delivery scheme. At the same time, Steve at Ten Mile Menu was looking to add a veg option to his online offering and stepped into the farm shop after a recommendation from a local producer.

Green shoots

It was the beginning of a fruitful relationship. We started to work together building up the ten mile menu presence, with veg boxes increasingly becoming the focal point. For a few years it was just the two of us – Steve delivering out of the back of his Land Rover (I also doubled as a back-up driver) and me packing veg boxes in our threshing barn.

Growth really started when Steve bought a delivery van, I built a new packing shed and new faces started to help us fulfil orders. The packing shed has now had two extensions and we have another two delivery vehicles.  We are so fortunate to have a whole team of great people growing, packing, administering, communicating and driving. Many of the team have done a bit for the “Farm” and a bit for “Ten Mile Menu”.

As our two businesses have flourished, customers have often asked what exactly the difference is between SLF and TMM.  The fact is that we are intertwined, so it seems a natural progression that we are now merging the ten mile menu operation under the “Sandy Lane Farm” banner.

Food for thought 

Behind the scenes, it's all the same people delivering local, organic veg, in the most sustainable way we can and offering additional goodies from other like-minded local producers.

Steve is an inspiration to work with and we have made an excellent team. His customer focus, encouragement and belief in what we do at Sandy Lane Farm has allowed this local, organic farm to get quality organic veg to new customers and feel like we are making a small difference in the world.

The great thing is that Steve will still be here sharing the journey with us - although with less mud on the boots and miles on the road. The shared journey will also continue as we explore how we can share our experience with other small-scale farmers and growers looking to get great produce to their local area.

Organic Growth 

In terms of ordering a veg box for delivery, the process will be broadly the same. Your log in, payment and delivery details will all remain as they are. There are some improvements to the shopping experience that we hope you will find useful.

We have a new online support system that includes FAQs & articles on how we work, as well as a contact form. It can be accessed by the 'contact' button on the bottom right of the site.

We have closely aligned online products with those that we sell in our farm shop - so however you decide to shop with us, there will be a common theme.

A Blossoming Future

Over the 9 years that we have worked with Steve and Ten Mile Menu, he and more recently, Emma have championed what we do at Sandy Lane Farm. Emma will continue  communication via mailers and social media and Steve, our team and I will be on hand to guide everyone through on the next step of our journey.



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